New! JAPANESE MODERN in Cotton Dobby by Kokka

New!  JAPANESE MODERN in Cotton Dobby by Kokka
Due to widespread interest, Debsews is introducing 100% cotton dobby for your sewing pleasure. Popularly used for tote bags, accessories, home dec, and modern quilts, cotton dobby is well known to have a lovely texture characterized by small geometric patterns or an extra texture in the fabric that gives the fabric beautiful texture and dimension.

Every quilter and crafter needs a good stash of textures for planning quilts, home décor projects, and wearables, and to go to for impromptu projects. We all love textures because they add depth and dimension and provide visual interest with a pop of color or  work as a neutral resting place for our eyes. They are versatile and coordinate well with traditional, modern, reproduction, novelty, juvenile, holiday, and seasonal prints. Our beautiful textures do all of this!