KYOTO STORIES: 3 Frames On Digital Panel (24" x 44")
KYOTO STORIES: 3 Frames On Digital Panel (24" x 44")
Item# DKYO-01


100% Cotton.

Panel Size: 24 inches long x 44 inches wide.

This beautiful panel features 3 frames. Each frame measures 12 inches wide x 20 inches long.

This awe inspiring panel design features 3 works of art including a Japanese castle of wood and stone overlooking lush blooming cherry blossoms as the full moon inspires magnificence and grandeur. Cranes sweep across the top cherry blossoms trees.

The second frame features beautiful geisha of yesteryear representative of the Ukiyo-e era of using block print art. Geisha are all dressed in intricately decorated kimono on a background of traditional motifs in silhouette.

The third frame features majestic koi fish glistening in the moonlight as they swim amid stylized waves. Drifting Asian blossoms and pine branches accent the beauty of these sinuous fish in this breathtaking print.

This panel print is sure to add a show stopping element to your latest project.