JAPANESE TOYS: Red (1/2 Yd.)
JAPANESE TOYS: Red (1/2 Yd.)
Item# 201-5138-RED
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100% Cotton.

44-45 Inches wide.

1/2 yard increments.

Sold by the 1/2 yard and cut continuous. (To purchase 1 yard = 2 units; 1 1/2 yards = 3 units; 2 yards = 4 units, etc.) Click on Add to Cart button to increase quantity.

This adorable design showcases traditional Japanese children’s games and toys dating back hundreds of years. Many originate from the Edo period, when Japan had relatively little contact with the outside world. The toys’ simplicity and ease of use, and gorgeous designs have made them popular into the present day.

Also available in Black.

Included are the following toys:

Kendama (cup and ball game).

Koma (Japanese spinning tops).

Hanetsuki (Japanese badminton).

Maneki Neko (lucky cat).

Daruma (wish doll), etc.