KASURI: 'Shippou' Seven Treasures - Navy
KASURI: 'Shippou' Seven Treasures - Navy
Item# S4890025-NAVY


100% Cotton.

44-45 Inches wide.

1/2 yard increments.

Sold by the 1/2 yard and cut continuous. (To purchase 1 yard = 2 units; 1 1/2 yards = 3 units; 2 yards = 4 units, etc.) Click on Add to Cart button to increase quantity.

Shippou refers to the seven treasures of Buddhism: gold, silver, lapis lazuli, agate, seashell, amber, and coral. All of these are found on the Asian continent and were precious and rare products. Shippo also means "cloisonné," which refers to a decorating technique using metal strips and gems. The pattern represents these beautiful seven treasures inlaid in metal, in an infinitely repeating pattern.