MOON RABBIT: 100% Rayon Chirimen Japanese Fabric Panel


MOON RABBIT: 100% Rayon Chirimen Japanese Fabric Panel
100% rayon chirimen (crepe) fabric.

Made in Japan.

Measurements: 26 inches wide x 28 inches long.

Have you ever looked up at the moon and seen what looks like a rabbit pounding on a log or pestle? Did you know there are many legends around the world about this rabbit? Well there are!

From Asia (where it is most commonly found) to the Americas there have been many legends told about the rabbit in the moon over the centuries. It has been a popular Chinese legend for many centuries, has appeared in traditional Native American stories, and was even discussed during the Apollo 11 moon landing mission!

This beautiful panel is the moon rabbit which brings to life the legend that the markings on the moon look like a rabbit pounding in a pestle. The chirimen fabric comes with a hanger for the fabric to be slipped in along the edge for immediate display. It also can be hung on the wall without the scroll hangers or placed under glass.

One of the neatest attributes to this piece is the moon will glow in the dark due to the fluorescent dye.